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About me.

“Adapt or Perish”.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, Borislav Donchev firmly stands behind the mantra “Adapt or perish.” This guiding principle shapes not only his approach to business but also the way he navigates life.

I started my development during my school years as a professional competitor in Olympic Taekwondo and later as a coach, sports referee, and organizer of sports tournaments, seminars, and events. At the same time, I am developing sales and communication skills in the food business.

In the following years, I went through several courses and training, after which I founded my personal business – the erotic shops

I have worked for nearly 4 years as a chief SEO specialist on numerous Bulgarian projects in the digital agency Netpeak Bulgaria. During this period, I joined the SoftUni Digital faculty, where I taught Search Engine Optimization courses. I have been a leader in seminars and training.

I’m graduating with a bachelor’s degree in “Marketing” from the University of National and World Economy. In parallel, I’m completing the entire digital marketing program at SoftUni Digital, getting a “Best Student in SEO Course” certificate.

In 2022 I became Managing Partner at MAX Digital, a digital marketing agency, and in 2024 I founded the first comprehensive solution in Bulgaria to improve the customer feedback process –


The Comfort Zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Over the years, I have gone through many fields that are incredibly different from each other. Still, they all had one thing in common – it takes effort, patience, and determination.

01. Olympic Taekwondo (WTF).

It all started with my competitive career as an Olympic taekwondo fighter. Later, my love for sports led me to teach what I learned to the younger ones, taking the assistant coach position.

02. SEO Expert.

Business and its specific needs led me to digital marketing, and it showed me its ugly side, which I found extremely attractive – SEO Optimization.

I worked at Netpeak Bulgaria for many years as a “Marketing Expert.” I led a team of ambitious people with whom we developed and improved the performance of numerous national and international businesses. I was also part of the teaching staff at SoftUni Digital, where I helped develop much of the new curriculum that is currently being taught.

I don’t believe in fairy tales. As this phase of my life began, I planned to end it. Fortunately, every fairy tale has an end, and in 2022 I officially ended my employment relationships with all companies that do not contain my name in the commercial register.

03. Chief Executive Officer & Investor.

I am the proud owner and manager of several companies behind successful online stores, projects, and physical stores.

My main business is developing a chain of erotic and online stores,, which also has its own line of products. I am developing a franchise strategy that aims to give knowledge and an easy start to future owners of erotic shops.

In 2022, I co-launched a digital marketing agency, MAX Digital, which provides marketing services and web development.

My future lies in software development and digital marketing.


The best way to learn is on the beach. In Greece.

Check out the highlights of the certified courses I’ve completed.

01. SoftUni Digtal.

I have passed numerous courses, seminars, and certifications at the Software University academies – SoftUni Digital and SoftUni Creative. The courses cover various aspects of digital marketing, strategies, and design.

02. Presentation Skills Academy.

I graduated from Ivo Topalov’s Academy of Presentation and Verbal Mastery from the Master Academy, where I learned to create and lead memorable presentations and training. I improved and perfected my public speaking skills in large audiences.

03. Google.

I have completed all the courses in the Analytics Academy series and numerous other Google courses on various platforms.


Warning! …

… the skills listed below are a small part of everything I’ve been taught to do. I avoid listing qualities like “adaptability,” “discipline,” and “perseverance” because the page will become 1 GB large. I also avoid my skills in “design,” “sports,” “social media,” “dog training,” and others. Why? Because.

Search Engine Optimization 99%
App Store Optimization 99%
Web Analytics 98%
Web Development 93%
Google & Facebook Ads 70%
Email Marketing 45%

Why 99% and not 100%?

It’s not from a lack of confidence, trust me. Things change so quickly in digital marketing that it is impossible to be 100% familiar with the subject. I always keep 1-2%. :)


My Sub-Businesses.

I have an exceptional relationship with my clients. I don’t accept all clients, but I treat the ones I want as if they were my own business. I am not a suitable specialist for people who need help understanding the need for progress and innovation.

“I trusted Bobby with the optimization and development of my 4 businesses. I am satisfied with our work together.”

Ivaylo Sharkov

With the help of Bobby and MAX Digital, I started developing my own barbershop. His experience with various aspects of business management helped me a lot to avoid making mistakes and start off right.”

Kristiyan Mitov

“I started my own business with a friend, but we had a hard time figuring out the automation. We invited Bobby to participate in the project and are happy with our decision.”

Nikola Statev


I’m not hard to talk to.

Despite the “narcissistic” tone I’ve used to write this site, you won’t hear me talk like that. After all, it’s my personal site – this is the place for it.

Contact me if:

  • You have a business idea, but you don’t know where to start
  • You want to grow your business
  • You don’t know anything about digital marketing, but you know it’s important
  • You need a new website
  • Your dog is not trained
  • You want to sell me something (I’m “easy to sell” in “nutritional supplements,” “sports shoes,” and “Tech”)
  • You want to congratulate me (or curse me)

Successful Projects.